This all Natural 'mix and match' Sheer Glow makeup set is made from plant oils with real vegetable and herbal infused colors.  Create amazing brows with the cacao pomade.  Try your artistry in countouring with the gentle brown hues.  Add pink cheeks and lips with beet infused moisturizing color.  Highlight with the pink pitayo to being out your the apple smile of your cheeks our a pouty lip.  Want a sultry eye, mix and match the cocao for smokey eyes.  Be creative! These work great with our Tinted Sunscreen Foundation (SPF Foundation) and our Sheer Powder (Oil Managing Dusting Powder).

Apply with fingers, makeup brush or makeup sponge. 

Three 1 oz tins

Sheer + Glow Set, 3 All Natural Makeup

  • Base: Grape Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Orange Essential Oil.

    Red: Organic Dehydrated Beet, Alkenot Root, Rose Earth Clay

    Brown: Organic Raw Cacao, Bentonite Clay

    Pink Glow: Organic Dehydrated Pitayo Fruit, Rose Earth Clay, Zinc Oxide

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