Nourish your scalp and roots with herbal infusion for beautiful, thick and healthy hair. Naturally treat and foster healthy skin to prevent scalp maladies. Garden Rosemary and Thyme with organic Lemon Peel are infused separatley into Witch Hazel and plant oils, to be combined for this lightly moisturizing scalp treatment. This product is  light and refreshing. Spray directly onto sclap at night. Massage in well, circulating blood flow to the hair follicles and scalp. You may not need to rinse out the next morning. 

You may notice with naturally cleansing properties of Rosemary that you will only need to rinse hair in the morning and lessen weekly shampooing.  

100 ml Glass Spray Bottle

Rosemary+Thyme Herbal Scalp Spray

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  • Rosemary and  Thyme, Organic Lemon Peel infused into Witch Hazel with Cucumber Oil.  Rosemary and Lemon Essential Oils are added.  

    NOW in 100 ml glass spray bottle