Rose Serum and Clay Face Cleanser is gentle, cleans deeply, and nourishes your skin. My very popular, Rose Serum (deeply infused organic roses into sweet almond and avocado oil with rose hip and rose essential oil) combined with real Earth Pink Clay, make this warming and stimulating gentle cleanser perfect for daily use.  These precious oils remove make-up naturally, while the clay draws impurities from pores and the rose hip and rose essential oil stimulate deep into the layers of skin and collagen.  Powerful antioxidants  are there for your skin to fight off environmental and sun damage as well.  No dyes, no parabens and no artificial fragrances for your beautiful face, just pure nature and love.  Follow with a spritz of Rose Water Face Mist and Rose Serum.

30 ml  glass jar

Rose Serum + Clay Face Cleanser

  • "be mindful." Rose Serum Oil, (Deeply Infused Organic Roses into Sweet Almond Oil, Avacado Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Rose Essential Oil), Real Earth Pink Clay, Beeswax, Roses.