Foraged on a Northern California Bay Hike this spring, I infused CA Bay Laurel, Sagebrush, Eucalyptus Leaf, and Indian Paintbrush Flower into Olive Oil for over a month.  Each of these botanicals are known for anti-inflammation help, pain relief and as a sleep aid.  Combined, they make a powerful oil massage blend.  Only a few drops of this viscous green oil is needed on achey joints or muscles.  Some boast headache relief and even relaxation for helpful sleep.  Please don't operate machinery or drive until you test if you are drowsey from use.  Always patch test nature infused oils on forearm before use to eliminate personal sensitivity.

10 ml glass bottle

PM Pain Support Oil

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  • Hand foraged Ca Bay Laurel, Sagebrush, Eucalyptus Leaf, Indian Paintbrush Flower infused into Olive Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil.