(For local pick up in Fredericksburg, VA) 

Tired of the thick and gloppy commercial sanitizers on the market? Here this natural spray with 70% alochol,  is infused with real pine and juniper. (or Organic Orange Peel!)  A gentle addition of pure pine infused vegetable glycerin is added to keep skin from drying and give the spray a longer lasting sanitizing ability.  Recyclable plastic bottle is easy to take with you in purse or car. Simply spray on hands and fingers and rub in.

Please note, as with all natural infusions, pay particular attention to your personal allergies and sensitivities.  Patch test on forearm prior to use. 

1 oz plastic spray bottle

Pine or Orange Infused Hand Sanitizer

Choose Infusion
  • 70% Isopropyl Alcohol infused with real organic pine needles, juniper and juniper berries, ( Or Organic Orange Peel) Pure Vegetable Glycerin infused with pine and juniper, Blue Spruce and Pine or Orange Essential Oils.

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