Reduce skin pigmentation with natural Camu Camu fruit!  Use this scrub 1-2 times a week in combination with the Pigmentation Spot Touch Roll On.  Roll the Pigmentation Spot Remover onto dark spots of hands or face daily.  (Please have any suspicous spots checked by a physician.) (Please patch test forearm and keep scrub and roll on AWAY FROM EYES)  You may see spots beginning to lift and lighten.  Using the scrub will exfoliate and expose new skin. 

Wash away from face with a be mindful. soap, moistuize with a serum right away.  Try our Epic Serum for healing and rejuvination.

Please note this scrub is a dark yellow color and will stain fabrics. A designated washcloth should be used for this purpose.  Note* This treatment has the approximate acidity of a lemon and may cause irritation, discontinue if irritation occurs.

Clean sink with any sink cleaner. 

30 ml glass and bamboo jar

Pigmentation Solution/Camu Camu Face Scrub

  • Coconut Palm Sugar, Camu Camu (dehydrated fruit), Citric Acid, Sunflower and Olive Oils, Grapefruit Essential Oil

    30 ml glass jar

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