I believe that taking the time and to infuse real nature into oils brings out the best of a plant. By doing this, my products are providing you with the whole essence of the plant and making a deep connection to your whole body. For this spray, I soak hand picked and freshly dehydrated California eucalyptus, garden grown mint, arnica flower and lemon balm herbs into sunflower and coconut oil for months.  These plants known for their possible anti inflammatory, analgesic and relaxing properties release their love into this oil.  I also add magnesium chloride to the blend to be quickly and readily absorbed through the skin into the body. Magnesium is the mineral our bodies need for proper muscle and nerve function, its benefits include relaxation and tension relief. Copaiba essential oils from the Brazilian rain forest may be able to help with natural pain relief since it has been shown in scientific research to retain "antinociceptive" properties, meaning, it can help boost the body's detection and of a painful stimulus by the sensory neurons and you may get the feeling less pain. Bringing all of this together in this convenient spray may help you relax and feel quickly conforted. Shake bottle well for each use, spray on tense area and relax! 

Magnesium Oil Blend Spray

  • Freshly dehydrated CA handpicked Eucalyptus + CA Bay Laurel, Homegrown Mint, Organic Arnica Flower, Organic Lemon Balm Herb infused into Organic Sunflower and Coconut Oils, Castor Oil, Magnesium Chloride (mg oil), Organic Oils: Mint and Eucalyptus Essential OIls, Brazillian Copaiba Essential Oil.