Feed your body and mind with minerals and flowers the earth provides for us.  Our skin was meant to absorb minerals from long baths in streams and lakes, uptaking the relaxing and nourishing minerals our body, brains and skin need to function properly.  Somewhere along the way, we strip the water of its goodness, add chlorine to the mix and jump in fast paced showers to run through the day!   Stop the clock!  Pour yourself a long relaxing bath, rejuvinate and restore with this 85+ mineral infused soak!  Roses and Lavender bring antioxidants and vitamins for the skin and smell amazing for the mind.  Sleep better, think better and feel better with real bath rituals right from the earth!  Enjoy.

Lavender + Rose Bath Salts

  • Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Sea Salt, Lavender, Roses, Lavender Essential Oil

    6 oz bag with reusable  tub bag