Open your pores while also nourishing and refreshing your face with this totally pure and organic herbal steamer.  Homegrown Roses, fresh picked California Eucalyptus and foraged Cypress Pine release their essence and properties in this steam facial.  Place 1 T of herbs in a glass or ceramic bowl, pour pure hot water over and allow steam to gently bathe your face. Antioxidants protect while powerful vitamin C nourishes your skin.  Breathe and inhale the Eucalyptus for a refreshing stimulation to the sinues.  Feel the warmth of nature comfort you. Great before a be mindful. pore cleasning mask!

Herbal Facial Steamer

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  • Organic Homegrown Roses,  Fresh Picked California Eucalyptus and Foraged Local Cypress Pine.  

    4 oz tin