Open your senses as you breathe in the scents of pine  and the calming scent of woodland trees. Let your mind wander and your stress melt. These potent and stimulating evergreen infused oils can be used with a moisturizing massage to soothe dry skin, or as an aromatherapy blend. Pine properties are incredibly antibacterial and antifungal as well as warming and circulating. Rub on cold and tight joints. They are extremely protective for the skin and can even be used on mild abrasions. This product is especially helpful for lymphatic flow. Add a few drops to the bath for a luxurious moisturizing soak!  Feel free to dilute fwith your favorite plant based oil for an all over body or massage oil.
15 ml  bottle

Forest Bathing Herbal Oil/Aroma

  • Sunflower & Olive Oil infused with Pines, Pine Sap, Fir, Juniper, these and other woodland Essential Oils.
    Please allergy test this product on forearm for any unknown sensitivities. 

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