The incredible natural lather from this deeply mineral infused organic soap will make your skin clean and feel smooth. Mineral Salts create an environment that odor producing bacteria can not live in and are a part of creating a natural synergy of bacteria balance on your skin. Your body was created to increase mineral levels by soaking in mineral rich waters, these days we filter water and many are mineral deficient.  Add that absorption with baths salts and now in this soap! This soap brings in rave reviews!!  Packed with pink clay and Himalayan salt to deep clean pores and nourish sensitive skin. Pink Grapefruit essential oil adds a gentle uplifting aroma.
4 oz bar

Pink Himalayan Salt Infused Soap

  • Saponified Organic Coconut and  Organic Olive Oil, Himalayan Salt, Pink Rose Clay, Shea Butter, Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil.
    4 oz