These rich and creamy castile oils feature beautiful, fleshy, purple juniper berries that burst with the release of a sweet, woodsy scent. Invigorate your shower with an aromatic journey of nature’s most relaxing evergreen fragrance. Pine and Juniper have long been used in skin therapy and home remedies. The amazing properties of this soap are special for dry skin.  Layers and layers of woodland infusion go into this soap making it a modern holistic treatment.  A kiss of Shea butter goes in right after pine infused oils are added for an even deeper moisturizing soap feeling.  The aroma itself is intoxicating.  Your skin will be noticebly healthier.
4 oz bar

Juniper Berry Infused Soap

  • Saponified Coconut and Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Juniper Berries, Pine and Pitch are infused into Sunflower Oil and Olive Oil + Pure Vegetable Glucerin, Juniper Berry, Pine and other Woodsy Essential Oils added  As with all natural skincare ingredients, patch test on arm for any nature allergies to pine.