This 100% pure moisturizer has no phthalates, no parabens, no preservatives and no artificial chemicals at all! Only nature provides the most beneficial properties your skin could ask for. Calendula and Chamomile Flowers, both known for their amazing skin loving properties, are infused into sunflower and extra virgin olive oil for months, extracting all of their essence into this moisture salve. The infused moisturizer is packed with the perfect Linoleic fatty acids for your skin. This light moisturizer then gets kissed with orange OR lavender essential oil for a perfect combination. This convenient balm can be used daily and also used on skin irritations, bug bites, or any time you want to moisturize and soothe.
1 oz 

Calendula & Chamomile Light Face Moisturizer

  • Sunflower and Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with dried Calendula and Chamomile Flowers, Beeswax, Chamomile and Orange or Lavender Essential Oil.