Reawaken your skin with this exfoliating scrub made from real organic coffee grounds, organic home grown roses and rose hip oil.  The caffeine draws circulation toward the surface of the skin, plumping and nourishing from within. Roses and Rose Hip Oil bring Vitamin C and fatty acids for collagen boosting love. Look younger and glow with amazingly smooth skin.
Use once or twice a week in the bath or shower. Combine scrub with warm water in the palm of the hand or small mixing bow to make a soft paste.  Then apply with circular strokes onto your face or body. Massage gently, then rinse.

Note: Your skin will have a slight brownish tint while using this scrub but it will wash away. 

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50 ml glass jar

Coffee + Rose Face Scrub

  • Organic Coffee Grounds, Baking Soda, Organic Roses, Sunflower, Olive and Rose Hip Oil,  Co2 Coffee Bean Extract