Being mindful... 

Power plants and their aromatic oils calm, nourish, and restore the body and mind. These extracts can enter the body through the skin (absorption), the nose (inhalation), and the mouth (digestion). I use natural dehydration, steam distillation, and infusion to create provisions that enter the mind and body.

Why be mindful?

Just to be more conscious of what you are putting into and onto your body. Simply to demand and choose products that are free of hazardous chemicals found in the products that are marketed to use on our skin and near our necks, lymph nodes, and underarms. Natural oils and real plant life can provide proven age-old benefits to our skincare products without the risks.  

A connection and a balance begin.

My  products are natural, and they are the result of gathering and  preparing real plants. They are made with pure ingredients that connect with our bodies on a cellular level.  My goal is to create mindful products we can all use every day that encourage an environment for our own regeneration,

healing and beauty to thrive!  

- Lisa Mitchell