Need customized skin care? Contact me for special requests or alternative ingredients!

I am so proud to offer you pure and handcrafted products free from parabens, phthalates, synthetics,sodium laureth sulfate (foaming agents) and other industrial chemicals. I harvest nature from my California and East Coast home and partner with small and sustainable organic farms to bring you nature infused skincare that creates a safe and natural environment for your skin to thrive.  Even though I am creative, I strive to make all packaging fun, earth friendly, biodegradable and recyclable. No dyes, fillers, or industrial chemical tricks are used to create great lather and moisturizing soaps.

Be mindful and feel good about your skincare!


Namaste',  Lisa 

"I'm throwing away all my old facial scrubs right now! This stuff is incredible!!  I'm not kidding.  My skin feels so clean, soft, and moisturized without even a hint of grease. And the lotion is so delicate and it smells AMAZING!"


"The Scrub IS amazing!  MY skin is so soft, supple and clear.  It's like putting magic in a scrub.  And smells so good I wanna eat it"


Masks are SOLD OUT!  TY to everyone for participating in keeping our communities safe!

Lisa Mitchell